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Bundi City Information

: Bundi got its name after the name of a local Meena chieftain. You can visit Bundi during your vacations and tours to Rajasthan, India.

After the invader Mohammed Ghori defeated the Chauhan rulers in the year 1192, Rao Deva of the Chauhan clan defeated the Bhil and Meena tribes in this region and established the kingdom of Hadavati. Which was later divided into two states, Bundi and Kota. Bundi is famous for its skilled craftsmen and weavers. Hara School of painting originated and developed in Bundi. Bundi is also very popular for the Kajli-Teej festival that is organized in the region during the months of July and August. Thus there is a lot for you to do and see during your vacations and tours to Bundi, India. Bundi is located at a distance of 206 kilometers from Jaipur and is situated at a distance of 36 kilometers from Kota.

The Aravalli hills surround Bundi on three sides and there is a huge wall on the fourth side. This wall has four main gates that form an entrance to Bundi, Rajasthan, India.

There are a number of tourist destinations in Bundi in Rajasthan in India. Some of these are the Taragarh fort, Ranji ki Baori, Naval Sagar, Chattar Mahal that is a eighty-four pillared cenotaph. There are a number of step-wells spread all over the Bundi area. These step-wells are known as baolis. Some of the baolis that you may visit during your vacations to Bundi are the Raniji ki baoli, the Nagar Sagar Kund, Dhabai Kund and the Bhoraji ka Kund. The Bundi Café Crafts Shop is an interesting place to visit while you are on a visit to Bundi in Rajasthan, India.

Therefore your vacations and tours to Bundi can turn out to be informative and enjoyable.Queen Nathavatji built the Raniji ki baoli. This step-well has a depth of 46 meters and its walls have carvings that are of special historical interest and therefore warrants a special mention in the tour sites section.

The entire town of Bundi is drowned in the rustic ambience of medieval Rajasthan. Very little has changed in this little town. You feel as though you are a part of the local traditions of the people and this can turn out to be one of your most memorable vacations and tours to North India.

The Taragarh fort was constructed in the year 1345. Though this place is in ruins, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in the region. The Taragarh fort is located atop a hill and one has to travel through a steep road to reach the fort. A special feature about the Taragarh fort is the fact that there are a number of huge rock cut reservoirs located within the walls of the fort. Bhim Bhurj, a large battlement and a water reservoir is located inside the walls of the fort.

Located near the Taragarh fort is the Bundi palace that has life size murals painted on its walls. These murals and paintings portray scenes from the life of the Rajput rulers of the past. You must visit this fort during your vacations and tours to North India.

Nawal Sagar is an artificial lake that is located near the Bundi palace is also one of the important tourist destinations in Bundi, Rajasthan, India. You may visit this artificial lake during your tours and holidays to Bundi, Rajasthan, India. There is an ancient shrine situated in the middle of the Nawal Sagar Lake. Thus Bundi in Rajasthan, India is an interesting place to visit during your vacations or tours to North India.

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