Wellness Tourism in India

COVID-19 has impacted travel and tourism like no other event before in history. If researchers are to be believed, up to 50 million jobs in the travel and tourism industry are at risk from the Covid‐19 pandemic. With tourists suspended, jobs could be lost. It will have a dangerous economic impact on the world. The Covid‐19 outbreak presents a significant threat to the industry as a whole, especially to those employed within it and those wishing to continue traveling.

The pre-pandemic scenario of travelers heading off for holidays a year will be on hold for a while. International travel will not be possible for at least a few months after the lockdown is lifted. A lot of other countries will still be enforcing a lockdown, and the government won’t allow travel to countries where there are still coronavirus cases. However, local travel, such as road trips or interstate holidays, will be allowed. Being a tourism professional, we are a little worried about it and wondering what could be the savior & trend that people would follow post-pandemic.

As we all know that, all worldwide destinations including India, have introduced almost 100% restrictions in response to the pandemic. All countries have adopted COVID-19 related restrictions since January 2020. Tourism pundits believe that people may be seeking rejuvenating getaways and wellness tourism the most in the future, and wellness tourism may be the next tourism trend post-pandemic. Tourism professional’s lives are at stake at the moment, and wellness tourism could be a savior.

Here comes the term Wellness Tourism.. Some people must have heard about it. Wellness tourism will boom as people need some rejuvenation & relaxation to recover from the stress of the COVID-19. India, in particular, is a popular wellness destination as it is the birthplace of yoga as well as having a big focus on herbal medicine. After a long period of self-isolation, a getaway to India will be a perfect way to banish any thoughts of coronavirus from your mind.

Traveling after COVID19 will be forever changed.

Wellness tourism is about rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul with various healthcare therapies. These are proactive things to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, prevent disease, and enhance our wellbeing. It is what motivates wellness tourism. Wellness tour comprises a healthy diet, spa treatments, exercise, and opportunities for spiritual healing. Wellness tourism globally is growing by 6.5 percent annually, more than twice as fast as tourism overall. It is amazing. Isn’t it.

You can also travel to destinations of your liking and go hiking & Camping amidst nature is catching up and affordable. Solo hiking is another popular option for many as you get to enjoy a sunny day against a mountain and sky panorama in the lap of Himalaya. You can go for Nature Photography, You can also go snorkeling, and scuba diving will be increasing in number post-pandemic.

Post pandemic, eco-conscious travel must be in your wish list and follow a lifestyle change. The good news is that now wellness tourism is again going to boom in India post-pandemic, a lot of destinations are also promoting themselves as a wellness-tourist site. We would like to suggest some of the best wellness destinations in India.

Watch out for top destinations to visit in India post COVID 19 pandemic.

Kerala: Kerala' traditional approach with Ayurveda extends unparalleled rejuvenating treatments. The popularity of the God's Own Country also holds importance as a wellness tourism destination, with Ayurveda being its USP. The backwaters are one of the popular wellness retreats. One more amazing thing about Kerala is that, due to the cultivation of a plethora of medicinal plants and herbs, you will get authentic Ayurvedic treatment here. Nurturing ancient practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, Sidha, and Naturopathy, India has established itself as a significant wellness retreat among its domestic and international tourists.

Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand is home to the best wellness retreats in India. It has a deep-rooted history of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation. Uttarakhand owes its therapeutic potential to its serene surrounding and its soothing weather. This retreat helps you integrate traditional, healthy practices into your lifestyle. that ensure holistic well-being through mediation and other treatments.

Goa: The most chilled-out place in India is also one of the best destinations for wellness. With its coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea, Goa is a serene and soothing location for Yoga enthusiasts. With several healthcare facilities catering to the needs of tourists, coupled with the beautiful scenery, Goa is fast emerging as a wellness destination.

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