Dona Paula Beach, Goa

Dona Paula beach is regarded as one of the most visited beaches of Goa. You can not imagine your Holidays in Goa without going out to Donapaula beach of Goa. It is famous for many reasons like the in-house number of shacks and huts alongside this popular beach. They sell things from local cuisine and local liquor to trinkets and locally hand made craft goods.

The area is named after Dona Paula de Menezes, the daughter of a viceroy who jumped off the cliff because she wasn’t permitted to marry the man she loved. Feni and Port are also very popular, being the two local liquors, and the beach shacks selling food and drink offer both of these delicacies in abundance as well as a friendly atmosphere and incredible service. Edged with palms and vast stretches of casuarina groves, the beautiful beach offers its visitors a most relaxing Holiday option facilitating sunbathing, swimming, water sports, a major attraction. At Dona Paula Beach, one can enjoy water sports like water scooter racing, motorboat riding, windsurfing, parasailing, water - skiing, skibob, sports fishing, snorkeling, harpoon fishing, kayaking, and yachting. The beach is also famous for its feast and festivals. At Dona Paula, the Festival Janmashtami (the birthday of Lord Krishna) and the feast of St. Lawrence are celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. The annual colorful water sports festival in November, also lure many visitors to Dona Paula. Water scooters and cycle races along with surfing competitions are the main attractions of this festival.

You can also enjoy here the water sports because the water is safe and clear .The Dona Paula water sports club has been established and offers tourists the opportunity to take part in many different types of water sport. Dona paula is good place to stay as there are so many options surrounding this beach.You can also find the accommodations of every budget. and have a magnificent view of the beach.

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