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Lakshdweep, a group fo 36 islands tucked away between 200 - 400 km in the Arabian sea off the Malabar coast, is one of the world’s most spectacular tropical island systems. The Unique feature of the island s is the pristine heritage of coral reefs and lagoons still preserving the special ecology. Each island is fringed by snowwhite coral sands and shallow,calm lagoons.the islands cover a land of 32 sq km,and only ten island are inhabited. To preserve the fragile ecology and culture of the islands, only six of these have been opened for tourism - Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Minicoy, Kadmat, Agatti and Bangaram. Only three last named are open to the foreign visitors.A peculiar feature of Kalpeni atoll is the huge storm bank of coral debris along the eastern and southeastern shorelines.Kavaratti, the headquarters of the island territory,is known for the beautifull calm lagoon that is favoured by many for water sports.the crescent shaped Minicoy is the southernmost island in the group and has one of the largest lagoons.Logoons. Long sandy beaches and excellent water sports facilities are the stellar attractions of Kadmat. The scuba diving centre is located on the island. In Agatti, coral growths and multi - coloured coral fishes abound in the lagoons. The island also has one of the two airports in the territory,the other being at Bangaram Island. Bangaram is uninhabited and surrounded by a shallow lagoon enclosed by coral reef. The first glimpse of the island is about one and half hours flight from Cochin airport to the mailland Agatti. Everyting you expect of a tropical paradise is here : Deserted sandy beaches, streaches of coconut palm trees, endless sunshine and above al the clear blue waters ofthe coral lagoons.


This place is well connected by Air from Cochin(International Airport). Indian Airlines operates its daily flight to Agatti except SuDays.


From 27 to 32 degree celsius during September to March. From 30 to 33 degree celsius in April and May. The monsoon period is from 15 may to 15 September.


Indian : All visitors to Lakshdweep require entry permits from the Lakshadweep administration. To obtain the entry permit the following information has to be provided to the Lakshadweep administration.

  • Full Name as mentioned in the passport
  • Nationality » Passport Details
  • Address
  • Date and place of issue of the passport
  • Date of Expiry
  • Permanent Address
  • Date and Place of Birth.

One can obtain the permit from Cochin. It can also be obtained from Delhi as well. It remains opens from MonDAY to FriDAY every week

Lakshadweep Honeymoon Tour

MORNING ARRIVAL: Upon arrival at Agatti Airport, a warm greeting awaits you. You'll be transferred to the exquisite resort, where the stunning views of the turquoise waters and the soft whispers of the sea breeze instantly set the romantic tone for your honeymoon.

AFTERNOON RELAXATION : After check-in, embrace the tranquility of this paradise. Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink as you settle into your luxurious accommodation. The day is yours to unwind, savoring the peaceful ambiance or taking a leisurely stroll along the pristine beaches hand in hand.

EVENING LWISURE : As the sun begins its descent, witness a breathtaking sunset painting the sky with hues of orange and pink. A romantic dinner awaits, set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing ocean. It's the perfect beginning to your Lakshadweep journey.

MORNING ADVENTURE : Start your day with a delicious breakfast. Delve into a world of aquatic wonders as you engage in snorkeling or kayaking activities, exploring the vibrant underwater life hand in hand with your beloved.

AFTERNOON SERENITY : A romantic beachside lunch is prepared exclusively for you. Spend the afternoon basking in each other's company, indulging in spa treatments, or simply lazing by the beach.

EVENING OF TOGETHERNEDD : As the day draws to a close, relish an intimate candle-lit dinner, the ocean waves serenading your evening. Cherish the moments of love in this idyllic setting.

ISLAND EXPLORATION : Embark on a day trip to the enchanting Bangaram Island. Its secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters invite you for a day filled with snorkeling adventures, exploring the mesmerizing marine life, and relaxing amidst unspoiled nature.

ROMANTIC PICNIC : Savor a delectable picnic lunch in a picturesque spot, creating memories against the backdrop of nature's canvas.

EVENING ESCAPE : Return to Agatti in the late afternoon. Indulge in a private, candle-lit beachside dinner, relishing the tranquility and beauty of this intimate setting.

ISLAND EXPEDITION : Today, journey to the picturesque Kalpeni Island. Explore the island's beautiful lagoons, walk hand in hand on its serene beaches, and enjoy the panoramic views that paint a romantic picture.

PICNIC AMIDST BEAUTY : A specially arranged picnic lunch adds a touch of exclusivity to your day, allowing you to immerse yourselves in the romance of this tropical haven.

EVENING AT LEISURE : Return to Agatti in the late afternoon for a cozy evening. Rekindle your love with a private dinner by the shore, letting the waves serenade your heartfelt conversations.

MORNING FAREWELL : On your last morning, savor a sumptuous breakfast together. Cherish the final moments amidst the serene ambiance, capturing the essence of your unforgettable journey. check out from the resort. Transfer to Agatti Airport for your departure.


Bangaram Island

: Bangaram is the only international resort in Lakshdweep and also an ideal location for a Holidays like none else on the sub - continent.Bangaram Island is uninhabited,isolated and unspoilt.Bangaram Island is surrounded by one of the largest and safest lagoons with its calm,unimaginable blue - green waters,its beaches covered with white coral sands.

For a visit to Bangaram Island, tourists have to travel by flight from Kochi to Agatti and are transferred from Agatti to Bangaram Island beach resort by boat in fair weather and by helicopter during the monsoon.At present the flight s operate on all Days except SunDAY from Cochin.

Kadamat Island

: Kadamat Island is 8 kilometres long and 550 mt wide at the broadest point, A particularly fine lagoon of even depths and an endless shoreline, perfect for swimming, makes Kadamat, a haven of solitude. It is the only island with lagoons on both east and west sides. A full - fledged watersports institute is functional at Kadamat. It is know for Water sports crafts like kayaks, pedal boats, sailing yachts, skiing boats and glass - bottomed boats are available on hire. Scuba diving center in the island has become an attraction for water - sport enthusiasts.Kadmat Island is at South West coast of India; near Kerala is one among the Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea. Situated on this Island, Kadmat Beach Resort is just 20 minutes from Agatti by helicopter, 1.30 hours by speed boat or 4 hours by mechanized boat.

Agatti Island

: In Agatti,coral growths and multi - coloured coral fishes abound in the lagoons.The island also has one of the two airports in the territory.Agatti is about 459 kms. from Cochin. It is 6 kms. long and 1000 meters wide at the broadest point. Agatti presents a breathtaking spectacle of amazing coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, silvery beaches and lush green coconut palms that sway to the rhythm of the sea. There are facilities for Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Excursions on Glass - bottomed Boats, Sail boats and Fishing trips.

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