Chitwan is around 185 km from the capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu, which is the world's famous National Park of Nepal. The

Chitwan national park

is the home ground for many a rare species of Asia. The one-horned Rhino, the Royal Bengal Tiger, and the Asian Elephant are the main animals that are found in Chitwan.

There are various ways to tour the National Park, most popular being the Elephant Safari. The Elephants along with its guide carries the tourist throughout the forest where you can spot the animals. Another way is by a jeep safari and the third most exciting way is to cruise through the river boating and spotting the animals of the jungle. Earlier it was a hunting ground for the Royal families of Nepal and the British. But in 1952 owing to the decreasing number of animals, the place was converted into a national park, protecting wildlife. Royal Chitwan National Park in Nepal covers 932 sq. km. in the flat lowland (Terai) region of southern Nepal. It is one of the most important sub-tropical parks in the Indian subcontinent. Chitwan means in the heart of jungle and Chitwan surely is a place must visit. The animals found here are most endangered species like the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Greater One-horned Rhinoceros, the Gangetic Dolphin, the Wild Asian elephant, the Gaur, and the Golden Monitor Lizard.

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