Dibrugarh is one of the farthest points of Assam nearly merging into Arunachal Pradesh. Around 440 km from the main city of Guwahati , Dibrugarh is surrounded by the districts of Dhemaji, Tinsukia, Jorhat and Lakhimpur. A small portion of the district in the south meets Arunachal Pradesh.

Inhabited mostly by Bengalis, this small town is surrounded by tea gardens and its greeneries. Located along the river Brahmaputra, Dibrugarh is famous for its Assam flavored tea and is the largest tea exporting town of India. The life of the town is centered around the tea gardens and its produce. The lush green gardens and the women plucking the tea leaves is a wonderful sight to watch. One can visit the tea gardens and amuse oneself going into the process right from plucking the tea leaves till its procession and packaging.

Sightseeing of Dibrugarh

The Tea Garden: There are innumerous tea gardens situated all along the road to Dibrugarh. The soothing shades of green and smiling faces of the women working in the tea gardens are sure worth watching.

Digboi: Popularly known as the city of oil, Digboi is situated around 65 km from Dibrugarh in Assam. It boasts of the oldest operational oil refinery of the world and also the oldest oil field of the world. Oil was found here in the late 19th century around 1880 and the first oil refinery Asia started working since 1900 and is still running. It is a city founded by the British and has a typical colonial impression on it with beautiful blue hills surrounding it. The common myth behind the name of the city is that the British would keep on saying the laborers Dig boy dig! This later culminated in the name of the town as Digboi!

The National Oil Park in Digboi is worth a visit. While standing beside the world's oldest oil well, known as the discovery well, one can just be lucky to see a herd of wild elephants or even the

Royal Bengal Tiger: Another place to visit is the war cemetery. The most important event that took place in the history of Digboi other than the oil discovery is the near war with the Japanese during world war -II. This war killed many an innocent and the cemetery sure fills one's eyes with mist remembering the unsung heroes.

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