Gopalpur On Sea

Gopalpur On Sea is a wonderful Beach resort which is 45 km from Chilika Lake and 171 km from Bhubaneshwar, Gopalpur on Sea is a quiet and charming sea resort along the Bay of Bengal. It offers a secluded environment and magnificent sun, surf and sand for most of the year. This serene beach must once have been a bustling port as the ruins of jetty and fort shows present in Gopalpur.

This is one beach resort that has been turned a whole circle. It was once a very small fishing village, but with the advent of the British Raj, it became an important maritime trade center for trading between India and Burma. Soon the British started decorating the village thus making it into a township. Many wealthy families started settling here and made this place a famous summer resort. Gopalpur soon became a bustling trading center. But after the war, there was no revival of business ties with Burma and Gopalpur once again went back to square one, becoming a fishing village.

As the name suggests Gopalpur on the sea has an ancient temple of the same name and hence the name of Gopalpur on the sea came into being. Slowly after independence the serenity and the beauty of the resort started beckoning the tourists from far and wide, thus giving it the shape of one of the best resorts of India today.

Visiting a fishing village nearby and watching the daily chores of the fishermen and women is as exciting as watching the sunrise from the seashore. The British have left their impression and walking down the streets gives an impression of walking through the old colonial streets. The old lighthouse and the Kalinga beauties, selling the fish, the picturesque sunrise transforming the silver waters into the shades of Golden and having the tasty delicacies of the fish with typical Oriyan curries leaves only the best memories of Gopalpur on Sea.

The only place for the excursion from Gopalpur on the sea is Taptapani. Taptapani as the name suggests has hot water springs that contain some amount of Sulphur and supposed to have curative prowess. It is situated around 67 km from the sea town and many devotees throng the place to take a dip considering the waters to be holy.

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