Gwalior is situated in the northern most parts of Madhya Pradesh and is more than 420 km from the capital city of Bhopal. Its proximity to the important northern town like Agra and the national capital Delhi has increased is strategic value.

Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh

, the fort city, lives with the splendor of the ancient glory that once was part of it. Even today the royalties of Gwalior live in the forts and the palaces. Due to its strategic position between the North and the South, it was ruled by many dynasties and changed hands with many rulers. Right from the Kacchawas, to the Tomars and the Pratiharas and the Rajputs have ruled this land. Even Qutub -ud-din Aibak tried his hand in capturing the city of Gwalior. Today Gwalior is a part of Independent India but it still retains the regal hospitality and splendor. Fast becoming a small metropolis, Gwalior was held by the Marathas. The Scindias retained it till the Independence. The impressions that all the dynasties left behind are still evident on the walls of Gwalior .

There is an interesting story behind the name Gwalior. It is said that once a Prince of the Kacchawa dynasty came here and was thirsty. He asked water to a hermit who took him to a pond. The Prince drank the water and to his surprise was cured of leprosy which he was suffering from. The name of the hermit was Gwalipa and in his honor the city founded by the Prince, Suraj Sen was named Gwalior.

That was long back in the 8th century. But the city continuously grew an d now has become a thriving city bustling with life.

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