The ancient town of Junagadh breathes history. Junagadh's history can be traced back to nearly 250 B.C. This ancient fortified city rich in myth and legend lies at the foot of Girnar Hill and takes its name from the Old Fort which circles the medieval town. History says that this old town was under the rules of many dynasties such as the Maurya, Kshatrapa, Gupta, Vilabhi, Chudasama, Gujarat Sultans, and Babi Nawabs. But it was during the rule of Ashoka the Great and later during the ruling tenure of the Babi Nawabs that the prosperity and the prominence of Junagadh grew. Both political powers and religious influences enriched the culture and created edifices leaving their mark on the architecture of Junagadh. Owing to the different dynasties and religions like the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and later Islam, Junagarh provides a treat to the traveler. Various buildings of various periods and influenced by various kinds of architecture can be sited in Junagadh. The Babi rulers of Junagadh, Nawab Mohhabat Khan II (1851-82 AD) undertook the beatification of Junagadh and patronized the construction of several buildings and urban design projects.

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