Kanha is the land of Sal and Bamboo forests with tall grass and meandering streams are famous around 165kms from the city of Jabalpur is located on the vast land of nearly 100 sq km. Kanha is famous for the tiger reserve. The tiger population in these forests is considerably high. The forests of Kanha were converted into forest reserve under Project Tiger in 1974. Since then the number of tigers living in their natural habitats has grown considerably. It is also the home to the rare leopard and is the sole habitat of the Barah Singha, a specie of deer.

Kanha tiger reserve

is also known as the Kipling country. The famous novel by Rudyard Kipling, Jungle Book, written way back in the late 19th century is supposed to be based on the real jungle story of Kanha. Kipling heard the story of a man child being nurtured by a flock of wolves in the Jungles of Kanha form a British officer. It was from here he picked up the clue and thus Mowgli and Bagheera and Bhaloo became famous and the royal resident of the Kanha forests, the beautiful Tiger, unfortunately, is remembered as Sher Khan the villain.

Today Kanha is a protected reserve for Tigers and all such animals. It is home to Leopards, Bison, wolves, Elephants, bears and various species of Deer.

The forests are full of various types of plants and flowers and birds and insects. Reptiles such as the Cobra and the Python are also found in these forests. Forest safaris are arranged for tourists to facilitate a good view of the charming natural beauty of the forests as well as help them spot the majestic Tiger. One can see the Tiger in its complete natural habitat in its various moods and involved in various activities.

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