Mount Abu

Mount Abu, With an altitude of 1220 meters, Mount Abu is the highest point of Aravali range which runs through Rajasthan. A resort as well as a celebrated place of Rajput and Jain pilgrimage, this holy mountain lies at the southern extremity of the Aravali ranges. Surrounded by thick forest and rich vegetation, it looks like an oasis in the parched Thar desert. It lies in between two states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The only cool place of Rajasthan, it owes the climate to its rich forest around. The road leading to Mt. Abu is a curved one characterized by arid region dotted with huge rocks in weird shapes and wind with high velocity. Apart from being a hill station it also attracts tourist for the Jain temples dating back to 11th and 13th century.

Abu according to a legend stands for the son of Himalaya, deriving its name from Arbuada, the powerful serpent of Lord Shiva who rescued Nandi.

Mount Abu in Rajasthan

has been home to many sages. Most famous was sage Vashishtha who is believed to have created four Agnikula Rajputs from a Yagna to protect the earth from the demons.

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