Located in the south of the islands, Port Blair is the capital of these islands and the only entry point to these islands. It is also the only place where foreign nationals can go.

The only modernized town of the bunch of these Islands is the majestic administrative capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair. Port Blair takes its name from the name of the British Lt. Archibald Blair who was asked to survey the islands way back in 1789. Although native tribes always inhabited the place, the British decided to put up a penal settlement here after the first upsurge of the freedom movement in 1857. Port Blair gave importance to the region when the cellular jail was constructed here to torture the freedom fighters. This was the most infamous part of the town that sent a chill down the spine of the Indians as they referred the place as the black water or Kaala Paani.

Today Port Blair stands a mute witness to the historical torture. It has now become a melting pot of many cultures and a mini India in itself. The town was used as a settlement platform by the Indian government for the refugees coming from various places to India. It has also become the prime tourist center of the islands with many places of historical importance and natural charm around it. The small sleepy town today has an airport bringing flocks of tourists over here to live in the lap of natural luxury which is not found anywhere around.

Port Blair in Andaman

offers luxurious forests and the unexploited beaches lined with historically important monuments are the places of tourist interest in Port Blair. Being near to the sea, seafood is the favorite amongst the people and the rare fruits that are a specialty of this region are the main ingredients in the diet of the people living here. Of course, the people coming from various cultural backgrounds have retained their culinary flavors, most have adapted to the new environment around. The clothes are also modernized today. But the local and the native tribes have maintained their distinction by not mingling with the modern people. Their culture, their food habits, and their lives are totally different from that of the normal people of the region.

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