Srinagar is situated in the northwestern part of this huge state Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagar has all the conducive elements to make it a picture-perfect,located in the heart of Kashmir valley and perched at the height of 1730, meters. Srinagar is surrounded by the beauty of Himalayas and nature.

Srinagar in Kashmir

is famous as the city of the Dal Lake is also the capital of the state. Situated at 1730 meters above the sea level, the uniqueness of this city are its lakes and the houseboats and shikaras swinging on the water. The origin of Srinagar is said to be Srinagar founded by Emperor Ashok in 3rd century B.C. The great Buddhist scholar from China also has written about Srinagar, as a beautiful city in the northernmost part of India .

A city of mixed cultures. The Hindus, the Muslims, and the Buddhist cultures co-existed peacefully in the valley. The British made their impact in the valley by building the houseboats that swing on the Dal Lake even today and are a major attraction of the tourists coming to Srinagar.

These varied cultures have given birth to one unique culture that is Kashmiri. Srinagar takes pride in that culture.

The beauty of Srinagar is changing daily. In spring when the flowers are in full bloom as if the whole valley is a bed of flowers while in peak winters the white snow just shows the green pine treetops. As the leaves fall in autumn the whole of Srinagar wears a red-orange look which enhances its beauty.

The beautiful Mughal Gardens and long stretches of various lakes, gives the city a unique impact. Be it a ride in the Shikara, a stay at the houseboat, a visit to a temple or a mosque, the beautiful site of flower beds, or ladies in Burkhas and menfolk chatting over the Kahwa, Srinagar holds a beautiful surprise at every turn that leaves you enchanted.

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