Elements of your Holidays in India

Hotels : India has a varied range of Hotels which offers every kind of accommodation, some hotels and resorts are the best in the world meeting all requirements of international standards. Some matches the best in the world while some of them are quite good. We always use comfortable hotels with fine ambience, serving good management and housekeeping with personalized services.

We choose hotels carefully to make your stay memorable one during the trip to India and offer Value for Money.

Mode of transportation : The Major element of your holiday to India is Transportation. You can take any option to see the India by all modes of transportation. India in well connected by Road, Train and flight. Some most beautiful part of India is still deprived of flight or Train but can easily be accessible by Road.

By Train
This is one of the most interesting ways to see the real India. If you are first timer visiting India, It is worth traveling by train to any corner of India .Almost all major cities and towns are well connected by Trains. Traveling by train at least one journey is worth the experience.

Rajdhani & Shatabdi are considered the best trains in India. Rajdhani trains are bound to run from one capital city to another capital city while Shatabdi trains cover all major and prominent cities of India. There are some overnight trains also existing. There are so many classes in the trains:

Type of classes in the trains:
For overnight journeys the Air conditioned First class (AC First): Offers wide cushioned berths in cabins sleeping two or four. Each cabin can be locked from the inside. The carriage windows are double-glassed and tinted for effective air-conditioning. Foru cloakrooms are available including one with a western style seat.

An attendant travels with each First AC Coach.

Air-conditioned 2-Tier (AC Sleeper): Is similar to AC first class but with smaller in size. All cabins have four births which are separated from the corridor by curtains instead of doors. There are two more birth placed lengthwise along the corridor again with the curtains for privacy.

For day travel Air conditioned Chair Car (AC Chair Car): This is the best class to travel during the day. All seats in this class are reclining and individual. Again it has double glazed tinted window with air conditioned. Some trains have Executive class also, traveling is a bit expensive than a normal chair car but it has more legroom with comfort at best.

Non Air conditioned classes are also available in the trains with ceiling fans instead of AC and window can be opened for fresh air.

By Road
We always recommend our valued clients to travel by Road will be worthwhile .You can have the glimpse of countryside, beautiful landscape while traveling by Road, you pass through enchanting Indian villages, Mountains, snow capped peaks, desert and the most fascinating thing is people in India. You can stop wherever you find something interesting enroute is the liberty.

We have all air-conditioned fleet of transportation whether its Coach or Car. We always serve excellence when it comes to the transportation. Some northern part of India where Air-condition transport is not required. But heater can be switched on if required in winters.

By Flight
Flight is considered as the most convenient ways to cover such a big country as some of the distances can not be covered even in two to three days time by train in India. All major cities and prominent towns are well connected by flight. The major internal flight operators are Air India, Jet Airways and Kingfisher has complimentary in-flight catering services. There are some low cost internal airlines are also available for almost every major sector.

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Your Holiday classified
Traveling in group is very fascinating it, gives you the opportunities to share your experience and make friends during the tour. We also organize an escorted group tour to different part of India and use to take the services of local guides wherever required as their knowledge about the local surrounding and local monuments enhance the quality of your holidays. We also organize them based introductory and farewell dinner. Some special features and activities are also included in group tour.

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