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Tips For Solo Female Travelers In India

How to travel alone in india as female traveler? This question arises whenever any female traveler plans her trip to India solo. Though some of these tips are written specifically for female solo travelers, but they can be useful for every traveler to India to avoid stress and hassle. India is an amazing country full of surprises for solo or independent travelers traveling through India. Warding off unwanted attention is a matter of common sense. So get ready to explore this magnificent land and don’t let anything stop you. We can assure you that your journey will be nothing less than Incredible.

India receives thousands of solo young male or female travelers from the western side of the world. However, this question often arises amongst foreign travelers before they visit India – is it safe to travel alone in India? Especially for female foreign travelers without a male companion or without having an organized trip for traveling around India? The answer is a big YES.

There are tens of thousands of women who travel solo to India every year. All go back with cherished moments and incredible memories. There are some basic security precautions that everyone has to follow everywhere. Keep in mind the local customs and use common sense and you will be fine. But making up your mind based upon a bunch of retarded news reports in media is a very bad idea. Simply, one bad experience of any traveler can not justify the image of the whole country. Millions of Indian and foreign women traveled around the world on their safety for many years, But nobody loves to put such reports in the news. India tourism suggests that out of entire inbound tourist inflow from foreign countries, a fair number of them are
independent travelers including men and women.

There are some reasons that India earned an acronym “Incredible India” because India offers stunning sites, amazing culture, great food, and warm friendly people. People of India are a lot more socially interconnected and willing to help out friends, travelers from other countries in general, and most of the foreign travelers found that to be true. Please go through important 20 tips for solo traveling in India.

Important 20 Best Tips For Solo / Independent Traveling in India

Although all 20 tips are written specifically for female solo travelers, but they can be useful for every traveler to India to avoid stress and hassle. Confidence is one of the most important things for women traveling in India, or anywhere else, for that matter. Hold your head high and be assertive. Following are the best 20 tips for female solo travelers to India.

01:Opt for Organized Tours in Vast India - You must consider an organized trip for traveling to India if you are a first-timer or a solo traveler. India is such a big and diverse country in many ways. To cover important tourist attractions, it is needed to have an organized trip.

02:Golden Triangle & Beyond: Exploring India's Majestic Circuits - Golden Triangle tour is a fine start to visit tourist circuits in India. It includes the sightseeing tour of cities like Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. If you have more days to spend, you can consider a continuing trip in Rajasthan, which is home to amazing tourist sites and beautiful cities.

03:Empowering Solo Women: Seek Guidance Before India Travel - Being a single female traveler in India, we strongly recommend them to reach out to any female acquaintances in their home country who traveled solo in India before and had experiences to share about traveling solo around India. That will be a great help rather than going by the news reports before departing for India.

04:Safety in Perspective: Tips for Western Female Travelers in India - You may be noticed if you are a blonde white female traveler from the western world, it does not mean that you will be attacked or mugged. India is relaxing, but you need to use your common sense while traveling alone particularly in the night at some point. Sometimes people may come up to you curiously for taking pictures or shaking hands etc, though that’s normal but if you find it odd or inappropriate than sternly tell them no or ignore them. It works.

05:Hydration Caution: Prioritize Sealed Water While Solo Traveling - We would strongly suggest going always with mineral water at all times just to be extra cautious because of traveling alone. Do not ever try to drink local tap water, buy sealed ones from good shopping stores.

06:Safe Stays: Prioritizing Hygiene for Solo Female Travelers - If you are a single woman traveler independently travelling in India, we strongly recommend staying in nice hotels. It does not mean that go for luxurious five-star hotels, they are really expensive in tourist season particularly. Always look out for hygiene and cleanliness at the time of checking in at any hotel.

07:Monsoon Preparedness: Mosquito Repellent for Indian Travels - We would also suggest carrying along with an effective mosquito repellant while traveling around India during monsoon or rainy season particularly. Look out for nice hotels around, you could be experiencing mosquitoes in the hotel rooms. You may consult your trip advisor for good hotels.

08:Spice Sensibility: Gradual Introduction to Indian Cuisine - We would advise westerners, not to go crazy eating Indian spicy food at the start of the trip, as westerners can not easily digest Indian food. You must get used to it by tasting a bit as the tour progresses.

09:Train Travel Tips: Booking, Hygiene, and Identification - While travelling solo in Indian trains, it is advised to book your train tickets well in advance or ask for assistance to any recognized travel agents as booking opens for train tickets 60 days before from the date of travel. We would suggest westerners carry sterilized drinking water along while traveling in the Indian trains and keep any identity proof such as driving license would be handy rather than passport because you may be asked for I.D.

10:Safe Arrival: Arranging Transportation for Solo Female Travelers - For a Single female travelers, especially when landing for the first time in India in the evening or late at night. It is good to ask for a pick up from the hotel or arrange it in advance with a travel agent.

11:Cash Essentials: Tips for Payments and Tipping While Solo Traveling - If you are a solo traveler in India, carry some cash. Sometimes hotels in small cities or towns do not accept payment through credit cards, they take cash only. Though, small hotels in big cities turning on to modern hotels with having all the facilities what big hotels offer. However it is good to carry some amount of cash (preferably small notes) to avoid any inconvenience. Tipping is not mandatory in India.

12:City Touring Tips: Transport Choices for Solo Travelers - We would suggest single travelers to take tourist cars for city tours. You can also enjoy the ride of Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaws during the day some cities for an experience. For women travelers, it is not advisable to travel by TukTuk in the dark or late in the night. Hiring a car or taxies would be a safer option depending on the situation then. One can ask for a cab from the travel agents.

13:Budget Luxury: Indulging in Big Hotels for Dining on a Budget - If you are on a budget, you can enjoy the luxury of big hotels by having meals or drink there occasionally.

14:Smart Solo Packing: Essentials for Female Travelers - For a solo female traveler, , it is important to pack light intelligently. Do not forget to do some homework before packing your bags and prepare the packing list for carrying essential things including all important travel documents like hotel confirmations, flight information, passport, and travel insurance, and Conditioner, hair product, face cream, makeup, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, brush, razor, shave soap, etc. By packing light, you feel in control and mobile.

15:Toilet Paper Travel Tip: Essential for Westerners in India - We would also suggest westerners carry toilet papers with them all the time while travelling around India. Sometimes traveling through small townships in India or the countryside, you do not get toilet paper kept inside the bathrooms.

16:Cultural Comfort: Dressing Tips for Female Foreign Travelers - For women foreign travelers, it is not required to wear costumes preferred by many Indian women to know and understand the culture of India. It does not make you feel sometimes comfortable unless you love wearing Indian dresses. But you can buy a scarf made of lightweight fabric, which is easily available in any Indian store that comes in handy at various religious places like Hindu temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras, etc.

17:Shopping Savvy: Tips for Bargaining and Buying in India - Shopping in India is fun, you can get all the stuff of your choice in many good stores. Take your time, take notice of the product, and price that you want to buy and go for bargaining. You will surely get it at the desired price. We would advise travelers to go for recommended shops or stores to buy things. Ignore street hawkers or vendors. You can save money by shopping in India.

18:Connected and Safe: Communication Tips for Solo Travelers - Stay in touch with your loved ones during the trip. A solo traveler's biggest mistake is failing to update family and friends about the details of their trip. Make sure they have the contact details for where you'll stay and the bus/cab number you are taking. Keep your loved ones in the loop on your travels by sharing your current location with them. Taking all of these steps will prevent any situations while traveling alone.

19:Route Ready: Navigational Tips for Urban Travel - As you drive through cities and towns, keep your smartphone navigation on whenever possible, and study the routes on maps beforehand

20:Immediate Assistance: Responding to Threats Assertively - Whenever you feel threatened, shout for help without hesitation.

India is safe to travel independently:

Above all, we being a travel agent would suggest solo female travelers in India go for an organized trip. A woman can travel safely in India, however, some caution and common sense are advised as mentioned above. While traveling alone, your best companion is your self-confidence and common sense for example, do your research properly before leaving as everyone does traveling anywhere else in the world, dress appropriately for local standards. Whenever you get an opportunity, teaming up with fellow travelers you meet during travel gives you more flexibility. All popular tourist attractions in India are fairly safe for solo female tourists traveling alone such as Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Mumbai, etc. If you are confident, you are less likely to attract unwanted attention.

For all the solo female travelers gearing up for traveling around India, We would like to let you know that India is an incredible country. Despite the many things mentioned above, it is one of the most fascinating, diverse, and colorful places you will ever be. Sure you will have a wonderful time traveling in India with friends, but if you travel in India solo, the benefits are huge.

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