Ahmedabad City Information

It’s the new metropolis in the making and, if at all, it falls just a wee bit short of that elevated status. The political hub of Gujarat sports a pretty modern look. Swanky multiplexes, brilliantly-lit shopping malls, upmarket entertainment and fitness clubs, convention center, bowling alleys, and numerous eateries are mushrooming all over the city and the Amdavadis are letting their hair down like never before. Waters from the Sardar Sarovar have filled up the Sabarmati River and the riverfront is being beautified with gardens and entertainment centers.

Entrepreneurs, corporate houses, and multinationals are homing in. Textile industry’s loss has been pharmaceuticals gain. Ahmedabad city has become the hub of drug manufacturers. Many more international and domestic airlines have crowded the skies above the city. An international terminal is being constructed to support all the flagship carries that touch Ahmedabad on their routes. Ahmdabad has become so much connected by internation and domestic airlines coming into the city. Ahmdabad is connected with all parts of the country through express and superfast trains.

People of Ahmedabad now usually spend their time along the CG road or the SG Highway, others still prefer to hang out in the evenings on the bridges over the Sabarmati or spend time at the ice cream parlors and sandwich stalls. The Law garden stays packed with families every evening. One can also go to for excursion to Gandhi Nagar during Ahmedabad travel.

Downtown city’s urban look is matched by the walled city with the traditional and ethnic setting of the pols. While most of the eating joints in the downtown city offer only vegetarian food, the walled city with its large Muslim population offers mouth-watering non-vegetarian delicacies in humble settings.

The old city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is a fascinating place with its many pols (gates) which open into large neighborhoods protected by gates. These interiors of the city still retain several old buildings and culture. One can also go to for excursion to Gandhi Nagar during Ahmedabad travel.

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