Amritsar City Information

: Amritsar is located in the Northwest borders of India. It shares an international border with Pakistan in the west. It is also the only active road border between India and Pakistan. In the north it has district Gurdaspur, East is Kapurthala district and in the south, it shares its borders with Ferozepur district.

One of the most ancient and fascinating cities of India, Amritsar is one city of India which has witnessed the worst and the best in recent years. Meaning the Pool of Nectar, Amritsar was founded by the Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das. From a sacred village pond into a spiritual temporal center of Sikh culture, Amritsar is the soul of Punjab. This ancient city has seen and witnessed many turbulences over the past 400 years. It has the Akal Takht, or the seat of Almighty in the pious Golden temple. Be it the demolition of the Akal Takht by the Afghan rulers or the donations by the Mughal Kings to restore it, or be it the massacre of the Jallianwala bagh or the riots during partition.

Amritsar in Punjab

has experienced the worst and come out of it as though the Phoenix, becoming one of the major agriculture producing cities of India.

More recently it witnessed the internal terrorist activities which took the lives of many young people. But today Amritsar is a city thriving with business and tourism.

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