Chittorgarh is located 112 km off Udaipur in the countryside in South Rajasthan. It is located on the banks of River Gambheri.

Chittorgarh in Rajasthan

has always been the pride and glory of India. Once the place full of citadels, graceful palaces, and chhatris, today lies in ruins. But these ruins echo the tales of valor and romance of the past, very unique to Rajasthan and the Rajput people. Chittor is famous for the beauty of Rani Padmini and the quest of Allauddin Khilji to overpower her. The legendary tale had a tragic end by Rani Padmini committing Jauhar or suicide rather than dishonoring herself in the hands of a foreigner. Since then Chittor has experienced many Jauhars and tragic ends adding to the tales of valor of the Rajput kings of this place. The place was often attacked by the Mughals and the Muslim rulers of Gujarat.

It was the heir of the kingdom of Chittor, Prince Udai Singh, who fled the place only to build a new capital of his own and beautiful that too on his name, today known as the city of Lakes, Udaipur.

Tourist Places

Chittorgarh Fort

The fort of Chittor is believed to have been the capital of the Gahlot and Sisodia kings who ruled Mewar from the eighth to the sixteenth century AD. The fort is named after Chittrangad Maurya. The Sisodia ruler Ajay Pal (AD 1174-1177) improved the fort wall built by the Gahlot king in the ninth century AD. The fort has witnessed three ferocious sieges and each time her defenders, demonstrating true Rajputana pride, fought valiantly against the enemies. The magnificent fort rises 150 m above the surrounding region and runs to an approximate length of 3 km covering an area of 60 acres and peripheral length of 13 km.

Palace of Rana Kumbha: Palace of Rana Kumbha, a 15th-century old mammoth monument, is enclosed interior to Chittorgarh fort. This Palace where the Rajput King Maharana Kumba lived his royal life is a fine specimen of Rajput's architecture and it is one of the marvel structures in India. It attracts many tourists just because of its breathtaking structural beauty and style.

Padmini Palace: It is built beside the lotus pool with a historical pavilion that changed the history of Chittor. Ala-ud-din saw the reflection of Queen Padmini from here and so mesmerized was he, that the quest of possessing her led to a furious battle which saw the last of Maharana Ratan Singh (husband of Maharani Padmini) and the epitome of beauty-Cleopatra of Rajasthan, became an eternal legend in the history of chittor and also of the Mewar state

Vijay Stambh : It was built by Rana Kumbha in 1440 AD. The tower was built to mark the victory over Mahmud khilji of Malwa. Tourists visiting this tower get to know a lot about the history of the place. It is one of the key attractions of Chitorgarh tour.

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