A tiny village of Ghanerao in Rajasthan India. This village is surrounded by several other tribal villages. Ghanerao is located near a cluster of peaks of the Aravalli ranges. During vacations to the captivating village of Ghanerao, you may visit the ancient temples step-wells, mansions, and Havelis with marble archways. The most important tourist destinations in Ghanerao are the Ghanerao Castle that has now been converted into a heritage hotel and the Muchhala Mahavir birth.

You must make sure that the North India tour package to Ghanerao that you avail of includes a visit to the village of Ghanerao in Rajasthan, India.

The Ghanerao Castle is a splendid building in red sandstone and has many marble citadels. The walls of this heritage hotel are decorated with traditional paintings and artifacts. This heritage hotel offers its guests all the required comforts but at the same time, the hotel makes you feel as though you are a part of the royal lifestyle of the Thakurs of Rajasthan, India.

Ghanerao in Rajasthan

is a wonderful place to visit during your winters as here you can experience the lifestyle of the local tribes and you can be a part of their traditional way of life, as nothing much seems to have changed in this tiny village nestled among the Aravallis.

According to legend and Jain scriptures, Ghanerao is supposedly one of the important Jain pilgrimage sites where Jains have been coming for years on for penance and worship. Ghanerao is considered to be an open-air museum of ancient sculptures and temples.

Ghanerao is said to have witnessed many miracles, though skeptics may not believe these tales as they are not supported by sound facts and evidence but the local people still believe in these stories.

The story behind the shrine of the Mucchala Mahavir is that the Maharaja of Udaipur once visited this shrine and while anointing the temple deity with saffron paste he noticed a strand of hair in the bowl and joked that the lord seemed to have grown mustaches, to which the priest simply nodded assent and stated that the Lord assumed any form as an when he pleased to which the Maharaja replied that he would not move from the place till he corroborated the priest's statement. It is commonly believed that the lord was so pleased with the devotion of the temple priest that he appeared with a mustache for his sake. Thus the temple got its name, Mucchala Mahavir.

The interiors of the Mucchala Mahavir temple are elaborate and are excellent specimens of Jain art. During your tours and visit to this Jain pilgrimage, you will notice that the walls of the Mucchala Mahavir Temple are polygonal and the pillars and halls within the temple are lavishly decorated with frescoes depicting scenes from the lives of warriors and deities.

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