Gurgaon is a modern town that comes under the state of Haryana shares borders of the capital, Delhi is fast becoming the Singapore town of India.

Till a decade or so back Gurgaon was a cluster of few villages and nothing more. But after the population and the IT boom in Delhi, many Multi-National Companies and posh housing societies started coming up in Gurgaon. It soon became the satellite town of Delhi and has been included in the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi. The latest shopping malls, the best cinema halls, and the innumerous eating joints have made Gurgaon the latest and the most hep hanging place in the NCR.

Apart from the modernization

Gurgaon in India

has an ancient past which has been overshadowed with the modernization boom. Gurgaon was always present along with Delhi since the days of Mahabharat. The then Indraprastha that is today's Delhi had a small village beside it.

This village was given to the Guru or the teacher of the Pandav and the Kaurav brothers, Dronacharya, and they called it Gurgaon, which meant the place where their Guru lived. To date, Gurgaon carries the name with it. Many ancient structures stand witness to the ancient past of the city which is mostly neglected and today hides behind the tall modern structures of offices and shopping malls.

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