Around 112 km from Jammu is the small hill station of Patnitop is perched at the height of 2024 meters. A favorite excursion point from the main town of Jammu, this beautiful hill resort is full of thick forests that get blanketed by thick snow in winters. The hill resort also offers breathtaking views of the Chenab Basin valley. In winter Patnitop becomes a popular winter sports center.

Near the shrine is a pond where Parvati herself would bathe regularly before commencing her daily prayers. That pond is called as Gauri Kund .

Situated a few kilometers further away is the Mantalai is surrounded by lush deodar forests at an altitude of 2000 m. The place is associated with the legend of the marriage of Lord Shiva with the Goddess Parvati.

Nearby Patnitop is Sanasar a cup-shaped meadow with gigantic conifers. Equally popular is the Kud resort located 103 km from Jammu , on the Jammu-Srinagar highway at an altitude of 1738 meters.

Near Patnitop, about 120 km from Jammu is the holy shrine of Shudh Mahadev. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, his spot has a story behind it. When Parvati, the daughter of the Himalayas was meditating for achieving Lord Shiva's grace, she would regularly bathe the idol with pious water from the Ganges. Therefore the name of Shudh, meaning pure or pious has been attached to this shrine. The idol is considered to be the same, which Parvati used to bathe.

62 km from Jammu, Mansar is a beautiful lake fringed by forest-covered hills. This is the place associated with the abode of Sheshnaag, the serpent god. Apart from the natural beauty devotees throng this place to seek blessings of the serpent god. Kimchi, the site of three of the oldest temples of Jammu, is the nearest to Jammu, hardly 20 ms away. The architecture of the temples shows distinct Greek (Hellenic) influences.

The town of Akhnoor is associated with the legendary story of Sohni Mahiwal and is situated on the bank of Chenab River. Ruins of the Indus valley civilization can be seen in the town of Akhnoor.

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