Surat has a very pivotal location. It is settled on the bank of River Tapi. It is just about 250 km from Mumbai and Ahmedabad and falls on the main road from Mumbai to Ahemedabad. The western side of the district is the sea coast and otherwise, it is surrounded by districts of Navasari, The Dangs, Narmada, and Bharuch. On the eastern side, it shares its borders with the state of Maharashtra.

For centuries, Surat has been known as a center of trade and textiles. It was a major port during the Mughal period, and all powers including the Portuguese vied for the power of the port. From the 16th-19th century, the British, French, Portuguese, and Dutch established factories in Surat.

Surat in Gujarat

is situated on the banks of river Tapi, which was a great port city during the Mughal region. Since the earliest times, the ancient port of Surat has been renowned for its fine silks and exquisite brocades and its trade in spices. Surat has been one of the most prosperous of India 's cities in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Zoroastrians who fled from Persia came and settled here in Navasari near Surat. The origin of the name Surat has many stories attached to it. It is said to be the short form of Saurashtra, the name by which the region is known. Another story says that it was called Bunder- e -khubsoorat by the Mughals, which meant a beautiful port. It is said that later only Surat remained. Surat finds mention in the Mahabharata when Lord Krishna stopped here during his journey from Mathura to Dwarka with his cows. Surat was always under the control of the Hindu dynasties, till the 12th century when a general of Qutub-ud-din Aibak captured the city. In Mughal times, Surat was the main port from where pilgrims sailed to Mecca. Today, Surat is a major industrial centre with many textile mills. It is also an important diamond-cutting center.

It is one of India 's fastest growing industrial centers known for its textiles. It's proximity to major cities like Mumbai, Baroda and Ahemedabad with pleasant sea beaches around is its prime highlighting factor.

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