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Dear Pradeep

The service is very good ,friendly, Smiling and we are happy for this Experiences. thanks for this service.



Letter of recommendation

Dear Sir,
We finished our trip through India. From 16/04/2009 until 05/05/2009 we traveled through India we booked our trip with S.P.Holidays Pvt.Ltd. We started in Delhi and from there we visited Jaipur ,Ranthambore national park.,Agra, Gwalior, Khaiuraho.Panna national park,Bandhavgarh national park and Kanha national park .

We want to thank you for managing this trip so well. Everything was well arranged and we didn't had to worry about anything. We enjoyed the hotels and trips very much. We will definitely recommend you to other travelers who wants to visit India. We also recommend Mr. Mohan Lal as a driver. The Indian traffic can be very chaotic, but he managed to drive us safely. He is very friendly and polite. He was available 24 hours a day to take us anywhere we wanted and we never had to wait for him. He was always ready to go. Again thank you for the good organization.

René and Mariska


Dear Pradeep,

I made a good trip back home and I want to thank you for the perfect journey I did in Ladakh, thanks SP Holidays ... and you !!!
As previous circuits done with your services in India, this one was well organized and I can only be happy of these 30 days in Ladakh.

As I told you before flying away, here are a few comments :

1) The first driver of the Toyota Innova who did the journey Delhi-Leh drop, has forgotten to give me the blanket you bought specially for me in Delhi.
By arrival at the hotel in Leh, I was so tired from these 5 days at high altitude, that I didn't check my luggage, relying on the driver.
It was after his departure, that I realized that he was gone without leaving the blanket to me.
I hope you will be able to manage the recovery ...

2) The 3 weeks in Ladakh were perfect !!!

Your staff over there were absolutely fantastic with me !!!
Stobdan, the driver of the Toyota Qualis who stayed 3 weeks with me, acted like a son ... his kindness was really like a warm sun in every day of this journey. This will be one of the highlights of my circuit !!!

3) Unfortunately, the whether in Ladakh wasn't that good and this lead to shorten 3 circuits locally ... this brought me 3 days earlier than scheduled in Srinagar.

My first idea was to stay in this city because there are many things to do and to visit. I explained this to the owner of the houseboat, asking him several times the price of the stay ... never got an answer...

Finally, I am very happy of having been again in contact with you and, as I told you before leaving, next trip in India will be with you again !!!

I hope the best for you and your family and remain,
Friendly yours,



Hello Pradeep ,Greeting from Spain,
We have enjoyed very much our trip in India, there have been so shortly …….
We are in general very satisfied with the services of SP Holidays .The driver good ,the hotels well in general and the guides well too (specially our guide in Jaipur ,we don’ t remember his name). Anytimes the itinerary is not fulfilled totally for lack of times , serius better not to offer it in order that there were no confusions.
Except these appraisals….we are glad to have contrated your services.
Certainly the baggage has not appear, we are waiting …..
THANK YOU FOR YOUR MAIL…….!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pablo & Maria


Dear Mr Sunil

My daughter and I would like to say a big “thank you” for the very enjoyable and awesome trip to Kerala.

We were initially rather skeptical because of the contradictory views we were receiving when we first planned the trip, but to our amazement it turned out to be Holiday we will always cherish because of the wonderful friends we made and simply breathtaking places we visited.We had a fantastic driver n guide in our driver Mr. Saji ever so accommodating and gracious and the staff in the hotels were superb. Special mention must be made of the Rainforest and Spice Hotel who went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

As I mentioned to all our friends in Kerala we will be back and this time with a bigger entourage as we have been promoting Kerala n your company to family and friends.
Thanks again N God Bless

Elizabeth & Mary


Dear Sunil & Pradeep

Thank you!!

We Jamnadas Polra. my wife Kanta Polra and my son Praneel Polra would like take this opportunity of thanking you for organizing a great n beautiful Short Tours of 6 weeks.

BANGALORE : It was just great both ways, outward was much better facilities at the Hotel.

DELHI : The Cricket was excellent with your help n the Vodaphone sims was just too good
GOPAL jee was the best driver we had met. he was curtious, polite, friendly n went out of his way to help us have a good Holiday.The journey through

beyond the thanks.

GUJURAT Tour of Ahemebad, Porabandar, Dwarka,Rajkot,Vareval,Somnath,SriNathjee Temple,
Amba temples was even greater than we expected. Train ride from Ahemdabad to Surat and Mumbai was just another experience, we had never experienced.

With the help of a family friend at Santa Cruz-East we managed to cancel our hired car and went of a merry go around on Autos ,Taxis, and local trains.My family had never experienced the auto rides in Mumbai streets, the local train ride from Church gate to Santa Cruz, boy the rush people getting in and blocking the passages was breath taking,Without your guidance and help we would have never seen GOA. It was a great trip for 2 nights, as I was sick I had to cancel our van services. But he picked up from the Airport and dropped us back to the GOA airport after 2 nights stay in GOA. As the Goa beaches were a walk away we really enjoyed the GOAN customs n hospitality.

MYSORE/BANGALORE: its good to be back in Bangalore with a surperior hotel facilities,
n the day trip to Mysore,Brindavan gardens n back to the Bangalore Airport was even better.

I on behalf of my family would like to congratulate you and your travel company for arranging a dream tour of INDIA.

We would very highly recommend it to anyone (We have talked to some family members n friends about your Travel agencies)

When we came back I lost my personal mobile phone in Mysore Hotel. I have asked the management of Mysore Hotel to look for it and send me a written report they they looked for my NOKIA N95 mob phone. and they could not FIND in , then I can ask the network provider to give me a new Mob no. and phone.

Once again Bahoot Bahood Dhanwaad.

I wish we could travel again in the near futures n use once again your services

Jamnadas Polra


Dear Sunil

The short answer is that we couldn't have been more pleased. But Eric and I will talk about this and work on crafting a detailed answer. I think it safe to say (speaking tentatively for both of us) that we would enthusiastically recommend your company to anyone who inquired of us.



Hi Sunil,
Here a feed back of my India trip. I booked with my family(5 persons) a 12-days tour through Rajasthan and Punjab at SP HolidayS PVT LTD.They customise the package as per your requirement.The tour was excellent with a private car and driver.On the way to Agra, we decided to stay only one night in Agra and two in Jaipur, instead of 2 nights in Agra and 1 night in Jaipur.
We called Mr. Sunil of SP Holidays and he fixed it within one hour !!!He regularly informed how we were doing and how the trip was going.

I highly recommend this Travel Agent - SP HolidayS Pvt. Ltd.


Dear Pradeep,

Back in Belgium and recovering both from the jetlag and from a very intensive trip, we have tried
to summarize our impressions. Let’s say from the start that, overall, we enjoyed it very much
thanks to your itinerary selection and the overall organization of the tour.

Accommodations mostly perfect, all the hotels, while very different, have been superb with the exception of theJaipur Palace. It looks like the place is not very clean. Moreover, the location is very close to a very busy freight train line.The sound of train honking regularly for 30 seconds during the night can be disturbing. However, the service is very good and staff pleasant to deal with.

The guides:
Delhi: Very Good
Mandawa: Very good.
Bikaner: Good
Jaisalmer: Excellent.
Jodhpur: Very good.
Kumbalgarh: Good, a little bit fast.
Udaipur: Excellent, the best one of the tour.
Pushkar: (very) good.
Jaipur: Good
Fatehpursikri: good.
Agra: Very good.
Overall very good,

Driver Anil certainly had a difficult role due both to traffic conditions and the fact that he lived with us for 17 days. After moderating him a little bit, we could say that he has been excellent. In addition of his driving missions, he was always caring for our comfort and security.I would like
to emphasize his very professional and clever reaction when we were hit by a rogue driver while
being overtaken by a truck. He stayed calm and maintained the car in the right direction. Any
other reaction would have lead us under the truck. So please carry our thanks to him again.

The trip is over, we will stay with very pleasant memories of India and Rajasthan, now is the
time to sort out the 4000 photos we took during a wonderful trip.

Very best regards.
Marie Odile and Pol Branckotte


Good day,
Now that we are back home and back to the daily routine work I feel the need to officially thank both of you for the good work, hospitality and care you have granted to my wife and myself during our trip to India.

I confess that everything was beyond our expectations. Hotels selected, local guides, drivers and your continuous back up indeed contributed to the success of this trip. We had great time in your wonderful and interesting country and will surely come back. It goes without saying that you may use us as reference for your future client.


Success and keep up the good work.

All the best


Dear Sunil,

My I add to Seva Simran’s appreciation by saying that I was struck by your kindness, humility and how important you made us feel by putting our wellbeing and happiness uppermost in your mind! And I love your smile! I will not only like to have you as our driver again when I return to India but I will recommend you!

Much happiness and peace
Madam Lizzie



Dear Sunil,
Many, many thanks for rganizati our trip for us. We all loved India and had a wonderful time. Your rganization was perfect and all our drivers great. We really felt looked after. It is a real pleasure to have met you and I hope that we meet again sometime in the future!

Sending you blessings and love
Seva Simran Kaur


Sunil ji

A small feedback on the trip from me and my mom----really were very pleased with the trip, enjoyed every bit of it.....the hotel were good. bablo ji was also very good and friendly....looking forward for many more trips in future for sure with u....also i will recommend my friends, family ur name...thank u....


Hello Mister Pradeep,

Here is our tour report,
It was nice to meet you and get the papers from our trip.

The transfer from the airport to the hotel was good. The hotels are good and the tour guide speak good and clear English and he explain everything very good and he was a nice and politely man. The driver was also okay.
We had a good time and we enjoy the places that we visit.

The transfer from the airport was good, the hotels are reasonable. The tour guide speak reasonable English and we think that he was just started whit the job. Because he now not so much. But he and the driver are friendly.
It was for us special to being there it is Asian but so different.

The crossing from Bhutan to Sikkim was good . The hotels are very nice and atmospheric except one thing in The Mount Pandim hotel in Pelling, the room was reasonable but when we arrival in the room on the window are ± 20 big vet moths. We catch them by our self but that is not the way it is.
The tour guide was very good and he speak good and clear English he explain everything good and the driver was also good.
Sikkim was a good choice to go for us.

The transfer from the airport to the Park hotel was good, the Park hotel was a nice hotel but the employees very without interacting correctly. For example : we had a full day sightseeing and get back at about 5.30 pm. The room was not cleaned at that time, so we must ask the house keeping and the reception to clean it. that is not normal.
We must also every day ask for towels there was just 1 towel in the bathroom
The guide was a lady ( That was for the First time that we had a lady) and she did here job very good and we enjoy it.
2 days are to short for a city as Calcutta but we most make a choice and than lose a big city for us.

The transfer from the airport to the hotel was good, and the Mayfair hotel was beautiful and so nice that garden.Also the employees are super.The guide was lifeless but that what he explains was good, we think he love to much betel nut.

Also in Kornark he explain the story and than he say takes you time and get around a see you here.But after a while when we get around we could not find him, and we sought him for ± 25 min. than we found him. He was going for lunch in a restaurant, that is not normal that we most wait for a guide.

Than the arrival in Puri, it was a shock for us. We sleep in good hotels and than the last one were we will relax and were we most fit out. Was nothing.
The Coco Palm that was not a good hotel. the room was unthinkable small the bathroom was not so clean. The door to the balcony, the balcony and the chair there that was so dirty. I think that you could not sit there in light clothes.But last but absolutely at least it was the smell, that was so intensely that my breath was away.We ask the man on the reception in the beginning for a other room but he say he was book out, but on the moment that we will leave thought the manager that he had a other room a suite. My husband was looking for the room but the smell was also intensely. It smells like a old building that always have the windows closed.

The hotel May Fair in Puri was a nice place, but the communication was not good. In the beginning could we stay 2 nights and a option for 1 night more. So we discussed on the phone 3 nights in Puri and the last night in May Fair in Bubaneswar. After 2 night nobody tell us something, we ask and than the man on the reception says you can stay 1 more night.So we think that we at Friday going to Bubaneswar, so we get out bed at 6 AM pack our suitcase and get at 8 to the reception for check out.

Than we hear that we still one night stay there. We was very angry and disappointed because this was a mistake again.This was our travel program. Than the last week, we will thank you, you was very helpful and we appreciate that.

End of the story is we had a very good Holiday.

Thank you again and lots of greeting from,
Teun van Huizen en Ellie Bruggink


Hi Sunil,

We arrived safely back home. Everyone is well. Thank you for a wondeful tour. Your entire team took care of us.

Thanks again


Dear Sunil

Just to say, thank you very much for helping us have a great Holiday. Everything worked to perfection and we enjoyed ourselves very much. Our driver, Muragen, was fantastic and really good company for us; please pass this on to him or his manager to say that we were very happy (we already said that on the evaluation form).

We thought Kerala was great, and hope to return1 If we do, I will be in touch with you again!

Kind regards


Hello Pradeep,

Thank you for your follow up. We had a great time that day with your guys at the Taj Majal and we are especially grateful for your staying with us during the wait for the train. This having been our first time to India, it was especially comforting to have you and your team take such good care of us.

We felt like we really got our money's worth. In fact, I've already recommended you to a number of my friends already.

Best regards,


Hi Sunil and Pradeep,
First of all, I would like to thank you all for your good work and accurate information. This made our almost 21-day visit in India excellent. I recommend that Americans should experience the fun of Diwali - we loved it. In Agra, we experienced day 2 of Diwali on the rooftop lounge of the Howard Hotel. It was a special treat to see all of the festive lights and exciting fireworks going off in the dark.

Of course, everyone loved loves the Taj, but we probably would have loved it more during a weekday - or a less festive day, because we would have had fewer other visitors and just a few moments wait - we waited almost an hour to get into the main area. But since it was so beautiful, the wait was worth it. The nearby city was fascinating and well worth the time for a visit.

Our Agra guide Amerish was terrific and the driver Kahn we had from Agra to Satna was a wonderful surprise. Amerish had excellent English and Kahn's English was also terrific. They both were a good compliment to your trip plans. We greatly enjoyed a tea stop in the country that Kahn recommended.

The best surprise was the beauty of our Orchha Lodging, The Bandela Riverside - we loved it. Our room had a balcony overlooking the Betwa river. Their food was excellent and the staff was just outstanding. We could have spent another one or two days there - may be enjoying one of their rafting trips.

Khuji was another amazing pleasant surprise. Our guide did an excellent job of explaining the buildings figure sculptures and what the builders were trying to do. Our guide and this city should be recommended to most American tourists. Again Kahn was excellent in staying with us late into the day - showing us small out of the way places.

The trains were good enough - Satna to Varanasi was okay and Varanasi to Kolkata 2 per cabin was very good.

We had been given recommendations for one week in Varanasi to 1 day there. We could have spent 2 instead of 3 days and been very happy. The sights for our early dawn boat ride along the Ganges were exquisite and again our guide was terrific. Our hotel India was well located and made walking along with some main city areas easy and pleasant. The Garden Restaurant was quite excellent near the hotel. We even enjoyed the nearby Shopping Mall and ice cream cones. We especially enjoyed the Buddha location and the nearby museum. Seeing an actual Ashoka Pole remnant was very good.

Kolkata was quite amazing, and our guide Vic was also great. We enjoyed the walk through the flower mart, the book vendor streets, coffee in the University coffee shop, the clay figure district, and all of the small shops of marble and other goods. We were surprised by the very heavy English evidence in the old Kolkata area, but that was our lack of history. It was all very beautiful. We took the ferry across the river and walked over the Howler bridge back into Kolkata. While Kolkata is not a common destination for Americans, we believe it should be since it helps put all of the last 3 Centuries of India history into perspective. The Victoria Memorial was beautiful, the Trading Company buildings were beautiful, and we especially enjoyed seeing the results of Mother Teresa - although we are not Catholic. She was a wonderful person.

The HHI was okay but we probably should have taken your original lodging recommendation, since your other lodging selections had been so good. We wanted to make our last 2 nights in India very special, and perhaps an upgraded room in your recommended hotel would have been much better.

All hotels had swimming pools except The India Hotel in Varanasi. Those were an excellent way for us to enjoy the India heat with a cooling intermission swim.

Although you had nothing to do with our flights, you might want to know for other travelers, that we were okay with the Aeroflot flights from New York to India, but we probably will not use Aeroflot again. When we went to Bangkok, we flew Air China, and liked them much more.

So in summary, we appreciated being greeted by all of your SP Agents when we arrived in every city and sending us off with instructions about our next stop. They were accurate and very helpful. All of your guides and drivers were outstanding. I am very sorry about the phone card misunderstanding, I will find it and see if I can mail it back to you.

Meanwhile, thank you again for your kindness and professionalism. It made our trip to India outstanding. You may quote any part of this email or use us for a reference - especially to other Americans. Kind regards.


Hans and Pam Peeters (India wildlife tour) U.S.A

Dear Sunil & Pradeep

We want to thank you for making our trip so pleasant. You and your employees took very good care of us. You were able to arrange the trip quickly (we didn’t first contact you until just 3 weeks before our plane left California), and once we were in India, you were always available by phone to answer our questions or make changes if necessary. Your pickups and drop-offs at the airport are truly appreciated!!

Our drivers were all skilled and extremely prompt and whether we left them waiting for us for many hours as we visited a fort or other attractions, or just a few minutes, they were always watching for us to return, meaning that they remained “ On the job” until we told them they would no longer be needed for the day. Guddu, who was with us the longest time, was particularly helpful. after he learned that we were interested in certain types of birds, he pointed out some to us that we otherwise might have missed. And when we were having trouble finding a sewing needle in the shops, he located one for us while he was on his own time, after we had released him for the evening. While none of the drivers had an excellent command of English, all of them tried very hard to give us what we wanted and the lack of English fluency was not a big problem. There is always someone around who can translate.

Your two representatives who met us along the way were both nice young men. We think the representative didn't need to accompany the driver when we were picked up at Bandhavgarh(although we had just then realized that a mistake had been made about our departure date, straightening this out probably could have waited until we had arrived in Khajuraho).
In Agra the stop at a hotel to meet your company’s representative was a welcome one. Thank you. But we were sorry to also see a city guide waiting to give us a tour, because we had no time, and we had requested no guides except for in parks. However, we want to thank you very much for informing someone by the name of Singh that we were coming to Bharatpur— He is the uncle of very good bird guide at Keoladeo, Deepak Singh who was waiting for us and made our short time there very productive.

The hotels were all fine-each had something to recommend it. We have already told you about these, but I will repeat some of it here. Hotel Desert Wind in Bikaner was very comfortable. The Ken River Lodge is a little run-down but is an excellent place for birdwatchers because of the bird guide there and the location-the park is very interesting and much more relaxed than the tiger Zoo parks(Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore). Hotel Meera Mahal in Jaisalmer was good for us(as bird watcher) because the staff is interested in birds and can arrange birding by Jeep. Regular tourists, however, will probably prefer the Mandir Palace Hotel, a real palace in the heart of the city below the fort. The hotel in Sultanpur, which would be a nice place to stay to get into the park early for the best wildlife viewing.

To sum up, we are very happy with the services that you provided, and we will heartily recommend you to our friends, associates, fellow birdwatchers, and anyone else who expresses an interest in visiting India.

With Best Regards,

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